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Why We Smoking

Monday, 16 June 2014 01:46:35 America/Los_Angeles

Not the so-called cigarette advertising, or good taste with the flavor before we started to induce smoking, or that a certain brand influence. According to one study found that smoking is more to enjoy as for trying new things rather than a desire to heart.
Smoking is a pleasure
We grow up, we are always looking carefree as a child when we entertainment. But as long as we, we had to put on entertainment than work, we need to sustain our lives through work. Smoking For most of us, after we grew more pressure for the moment habit substitutes.
With a cigarette makes you feel lonely
Under normal circumstances, a number of smokers is so tell us, smoking is more like a friend, let me in the dark, lit a cigarette, and feel less lonely.
Like to see smoke
There is a strong temptation to smoke. Smokers puffing smoke seems to represent a part of the TV drama is their own. Like a lot of people like to watch them breathe in the winter, they like to watch their smoke. Smoking is intriguing. One respondent explained that I particularly like to see take up the feeling of cigarette smoke.
Smoking helps to think
Reduce external stimuli, can help to focus the mind. Smoking actually provides an aerosol, can help to reduce potential interference to other brain. This illustrates why a lot of people who were questioned described, they can not imagine or scrawl smoking. They assert that a reasonable smoking, and may even activate mental alertness.
Cigarette helps to relax
One drawback of our modern life is the general lack of adequate relaxation. Many of us not only do not know how to rest, but even without trying to learn. Smoking can help us relax like music, because it is rhythmic. Smoking can help us to linger a little longer time after meals, stopped working a few minutes, or sitting at home not doing anything.


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