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Love Newport Short Cigarettes

Friday, 18 July 2014 18:54:34 America/Los_Angeles

Love is like a newport short cigarettes. When you just start smoking when filled with a touch of tobacco incense around you, you let them go. But when you breathe half the time, you find that you fall in love with it, can not leave it. Finally, when the only newport short cigarettes butts, exhaustion last mouthful of tobacco, disregard, even step off fireworks mind at all. Love is like that. When you love someone, you love him (her) together, like all of his (her), including shortcomings. When you love someone, you will be like the same drug can not extricate themselves, without the ego. When you get tired of one, you will be like a discarded newport short cigarettes butt, as you have loved ones who discarded. Like strangers never loved him (her).

Maybe people are fickle. Love gone, just a feeling nothing. Mood did not, naturally there will be no love. So being abandoned is normal. Today at noon, slept, dreamed of a burning newport short cigarettes, perhaps an omen it. My sleep quality was bad, half the time the year is spent in sleep, and sleep well even at noon today. So we wanted to write it down. I have not smoked a newport short cigarettes, never. I do not know what the feeling of smoking, just know that smoking is addictive, but also drowned their sorrows. Before the countless sleepless nights when I toss and turn, I kind of want a newport short cigarettes desire. But I do not do that. newport short cigarettes are poppies. It will make you fall in love with it, and the love of Life. I do not like this kind of love. I like the touch of love, not addictive, does not get tired. In today's busy impetuous, who also care about newport short cigarettes addiction will love? Just a short happy that you want to love. newport short cigarettes love will hurt what? Nobody will care. Love is like a newport short cigarettes between the fingers, inhale deeply and slowly enjoy the mouth of the prominent halo of smoke and then throw away newport short cigarettes butts, newport short cigarettes new tree back to re-experience the beauty of newport short cigarettes.

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