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Bayern Munich Star Franck Ribery Of Marlboro Smoking Weed

Thursday, 19 June 2014 00:53:52 America/Los_Angeles

This Wednesday, see the Bayern Munich star Franck Ribery smoke screen picture reports in Germany, Ribery missed the World Cup because, prior to the French team back injured. Then rest for a whole summer, Ribery is currently being evacuated with several Spanish friends, Bayern star in reality smoking in these photos. See in the picture reported in Bailey's friends like me also smoked Marlboro cigarettes. The second picture, there are added Bild title, Fog in Ibiza - Ribery covered her with his pals towel underneath smoke Marlboro cigarettes.
I like Ribery, he missed the World Cup because of injury so I am very disappointed. Like him I was a smoker, like smoke Marlboro cigarettes. If you look at the World Cup, drinking beer, smoking a Marlboro cigarette can, which is a whole different experience.
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