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Marlboro Red Cigarettes Girl

Wednesday, 30 July 2014 00:21:09 America/Los_Angeles

Marlboro red cigarettes girl
Long hair,
Plain clear content,
You come quietly swaying from the wind.
Fluttering butterfly pocket like a fan,
In front of me ask around and over.
A marlboro red cigarettes ignite your rhyme pro.
Purple blue shirt floating in the intoxicating fragrance of Ecstasy.
Hazy metamorphosis kinds of style,
All in your eyes overspill.
But pity that touch rouge.
Your lips,
Red heartbreak,
Exhausted my language,
Health can not be referred to your autumn colors.
Fade in your mouth blue mist,
Deep your loneliness.
Read the best of the Red,
Simply follow a dream shadow.
Only tipsy, the
You can experience it implicit rather uninhibited laugh.
That is not frivolous,
Just as the pit like a gentle microwave.
I love marlboro red cigarette girl, love the feeling of the kind of character.

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