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My Love And Marlboro Red Cigarettes

Sunday, 27 July 2014 20:18:09 America/Los_Angeles

"You're going to smoke Marlboro red cigarettes?" "You smoke Marlboro red cigarettes?" People often ask, "Yes, I am a smoker Marlboro red cigarettes." I replied. Today, the students had not smoked a controversial issue by. Instead has become a kind of fashion, but I'm not in the pursuit of fashion, like tobacco, addiction is not just a habit. Respect and love, like a bad habit, but the smoke feels far more reliable and more love.
Some people say that the posture of a man smoking Marlboro red cigarettes beautiful, but I think only the man himself knows exactly is dangling smoke Marlboro red cigarettes or do not want to forget the memories of that period:
In fact, things always come at the right time, but we forget the proper mood to meet. For example, the end of love. Over time, feelings of light, and love of people also dispersed. Ever thought you were an angel would I choose to forget earth to heaven, I can finally rest a person. Should be grateful to your I learned to never never let despair. bitter fruit of their own species, but under, after all, to their own taste.
Like cigarette blurred his eyes, hiding behind the smoke, as if to hide his vulnerability, nicotine stimulates the brain, paralysis of emptiness from the depths of the soul.
Like Marlboro red cigarettes tobacco, sometimes just lit, quietly watching it to ashes, like the hopeless love, quietly watched it wither.
Lonely soot in the air every now and then, as the memory of love pieces. Ultimate messy scattered, fragmented wreckage after like love.
Not forget, just do not forget that you let me have tried so hard to be happy. Now you have gone, leaving only some sentimental, but I do not want to even it has lost.
What needs to be remembered always, even if only some opinionated memories.
Because I love her, so leave. Really like this sentence, I love you, but if I have become your problems, then I'm gone, but in your eyes I can not see the slightest attachment.
You say as I send you a pair of boots, maybe we will go further, I said why do not you send me a spring rain, so you will not see me cry.
Was the one in six billion chance we met fell in love, had so long we love each other dearly, but it may be an idea, we missed.
Originally, the angels are destined to belong to heaven ..... Originally, people can live so lonely ......
Like Marlboro red cigarettes smoke is poignant, like being in that a smoke-filled, like Shen embrace extravagant in feeling, but eager for that moment of warmth. Like Marlboro red cigarettes, hopeless, since the day when my right hand side of your left hand smoke is no longer even put all the heartache is converted into a different type of romance - that is called Lonely .....
Cigarette burn, and twist off the cigarette, and then point a, spit Marlboro red cigarettes, close your eyes, we walk in the chocolate-like warmth inside.

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