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Man With Marlboro Gold Cigarettes

Monday, 21 July 2014 23:53:48 America/Los_Angeles

Men always seem to can not get marlboro gold cigarettess. Ten men down seven smoking, the remaining three, a child, a sick, there is a henpecked.
Why do men have such a fool for a marlboro gold cigarettes? Cents less than its level of infatuation infatuation of men to women. For men, there is smoke and then there is the first woman. Jan woman can not around, but not a day without marlboro gold cigarettess. Woman can not be a long marlboro gold cigarettes.
Man clearly harm of marlboro gold cigarettess, but all of them or "who was friends to die", "Murdoch is not ecstasy," "to eliminate the Iraqi people languish." Its addictive nature make people outside still has its deep social elements.
Now the man is really increasingly busy, increasingly tired. For life, for family, for work, had to spare, after the saddle before the horse, exhausted. "May the willow, after Renyuehuanghun", in order to work, it is inevitable to socialize. Carries a pack of marlboro gold cigarettess, and for better or worse, negotiations, meetings, under the tubes, bubble ballroom, sauna, have a marlboro gold cigarettes, to reality, seemed cordial, but also generous. It can not stop eating and drinking alone is so big; can not speak it kept idle hands, too lacking in flavor. Well, to marlboro gold cigarettess! God clear air idle, vanished. Happy to talk about work, people seemed relaxed. Increased feelings contributed to the work.
Can not live without a woman, can not live without social marlboro gold cigarettes. Women are to their marlboro gold cigarettess is their own, but also to others. The total does not necessarily carry the woman to share it with others.
Tobacco, regardless of home. Wine had seven patrol, smoke from the third. Wine can not drink, smoke was still able to pump. Top drink more, smoke less smoke did not addiction. Friends get together, drink two cups, put down the trouble to work, talking about a friend's feelings. Wine as a vehicle, smoke in his mind. Joy and melancholy, happiness and sorrow, all melt into the wine in marlboro gold cigarettess. Two cups, filling man feelings; one half of the root, but the hearts of spit unhappy. Wine is culture, marlboro gold cigarettes smoke is emotion. There are too many rules to drink, it is annoying, no marlboro gold cigarettess altogether. On one level, alcohol can add to the fun, you can also mess xing; while smoke can add to the fun, would not mess xing. No wine, to talk about water; do not smoke, meet with friends is really light.
When one person alone, or are quiet night on the occasion, not the entertainment, not the party, not the friends and family, not the family. Walk on the field, sitting on the lamp, lazy lying on chang. Too few noisy, have become idle, but the hearts of a myriad of thoughts. Or leisure, or think of something, or pen and ink, a bit too lonely people. Point with a marlboro gold cigarettes on a deep breath, and then spit out too long, feel refreshed, feel comfortable. An often smoke-filled, uncertainty about emotion words in between the eyebrows. At this point a man Caishi real man, a lonely man, frail man. Mouthful of smoke and spit out the voice of a man, a marlboro gold cigarettes burning in a man's life.
Men do not cry easily, this time it is the most likely man to tears, not smoke, is smoke melted. Their feelings are in marlboro gold cigarettess.
Men need women, men can not have a woman.
Men need a marlboro gold cigarettes, the man could not do without marlboro gold cigarettess.

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