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Marlboro Gold Cigarettes Plus Beer

Thursday, 24 July 2014 20:56:13 America/Los_Angeles

Recently watching the World Cup, you can finally have an excuse to drink. In fact, I'm not an alcoholic, I even hate the taste of beer, but the university has recently really miss the days you feel good drink to celebrate; bad mood can also have a couple of drinks to accompany their brothers. Of course, the wine must be smoke when, in fact, and wine compared to marlboro gold cigarettes, I do not like more, but these two things are sometimes really feel a particular special effects, remember that feeling.
Had never drunk alcohol, the one I know the truth drunk beverages, and secondly, I do not need a reason drunk. But now, I really want a good time drunk, drunk unconscious, even they are male or female can not tell the state, but now no one of such conditions.
Studying all the time and live for themselves, so do not have a good school, now work, they began to see for the family to live, so to lose a lot, people really are strange animals. I do not know what they live for themselves when once again.
Recently found himself somewhat changed, becoming love of money, or even want to buy their own daily lottery jackpot can become eyes only for money. In fact, I'm not so short of money, ah, something to eat and maintained, but somehow always feel like money, money can solve all the problems, the money will be able to re-start for their own and live. I feel like I feel terrible, but I do not know what to do, it seems that no one can save me.
Last night I was told you accidentally dating when I was always sad, but you can not do anything, really sad. I do not know you love me is true, why do you love me love object, while others, I'm hurt, really feel that they are useless!
Calm water? NO! In fact, more than, already frozen, just do not know when this ice to melt.
Every night in bed, listening over and over again the same song, no marlboro gold cigarettes and beer, but still drunk!

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