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Marlboro Cigarettes Smoker

Thursday, 31 July 2014 20:26:48 America/Los_Angeles

Twenties, twenty years too pumped up, almost close to two packs a day, marlboro cigarettes, always felt in his life one of the most loyal friend! When their own happiness, when suffering, while proud, frustrated when marlboro cigarettes --- all seemed quietly to accompany himself, never betray himself, though but had parents, teachers and persuaded to quit before, but are ultimately no match for the temptation to re-point it can be said marlboro cigarettes not smoked, but a mood marlboro smoke, and do not quit because of dismay. Marlboro cigarette smoke is not only a physiological need, it slowly transformed into a heart needs in solitude, when no one is sitting in the corner, quietly point on a marlboro cigarette, inhaled deeply on one, handling a satisfaction; perhaps not happy, do not talk to the person, just one person, only one person quietly smoking tears. . Of course, when the brilliance of, but happy to be a friend to share it, the wind and the happiness it exudes fragrance.
In short, it has been integrated into the blood, is no longer thought to be away from it up!
Because no matter how proud of himself or helpless, impulsive and absurd, joy and loneliness, it has not left me.
If you call such an understanding so that men do not smoke cigarettes marlboro marlboro cigarette smoke, it is very cruel!
Can not wanted in his life quietly walked into a woman, a handsome outside, and even seemed weak weak, can God allow such a woman to arrange to subvert it all.
Sometimes love is really like smoke, do not smoke always feel like something less, like, my heart is always empty, uncomfortable with! marlboro your cigarette can then point the situation may no longer be able to go back.
Thanks to her weak weak!

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