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Iconic Marlboro Cigarette Brand Stands

Friday, 13 June 2014 18:46:42 America/Los_Angeles

Marlboro cigarettes is the world's best-selling tobacco products. Almost no other competitor can challenge the status of Marlboro cigarettes. Tens of thousands of adult smokers are loyal to the brand because the quality is unsurpassed with taste.
Marlboro cigarettes Philip Morris USA national company with Philip Morris, the world's largest private tobacco company. The brand name should come from London, on a street in the production of the first Marlboro cigarettes on tobacco factory named. Marlboro cigarettes began in 1902. Marlboro initial aim is to attract women smokers. Marlboro has a slogan at the time - a mild May.
Marlboro after being re-launched, ready to spread advertising brave and noble Marlboro Man has been very popular after decades. In the Marlboro man launched a short time, sales of Marlboro cigarettes more than 5,000% previously. The world record is unsurpassed by any other brand of cigarettes.
In the last 40 years, America has been the best-selling Marlboro cigarette brand. Its manufacturer Philip Morris is the world famous, not only because of the superb quality of its brands, but also because they do not live up to a lot of adult smokers constantly changing needs of the expanding family of brands.
Marlboro cigarettes currently offers a traditional style. For example, Marlboro red, gold, silver as well as innovative style, with Marlboro Marlboro filter plus filter. Besides Philip Morris also launched a Marlboro Gold Touch, health Marlboro Marlboro edge fine touch, slim dimensions.
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