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Science And Health Smoking

Tuesday, 17 June 2014 21:20:31 America/Los_Angeles

Has nearly 1.3 billion smokers in the world like me, the only living habits for they have a common hobby is smoking, but for the purposes of health with life Everyone has different results. Some people smoke cigarettes all his life, a safe life, some people in middle age because smoking causes cancer deaths, some people smoke cigarettes than 100 years, and ultimately no association with cancer. As Cigars-home.com Let Editor teach you how science and health smoking it.
1. Drink Plenty Of Water (very important)
Water helps smokers lungs with tar to exclude super multi wastes, so personally recommend that you should drink water before smoking, smoked cigarettes, they also like to be able to replenish moisture to help the body function properly, refused disease.
2. Good Rest Time
Have a good night's sleep can help the lungs to help rid the lungs of all kinds of debris, sleep is particularly good for the health of smokers.
3. Select Tobacco
Choose low-tar cigarettes, cigarette choose hybrid, choose short cigarettes, select the momentum slightly larger cigarette, choose natural products concentrated aroma of cigarettes. Sold on our site Newport cigarettes with Marlboro cigarettes are a good choice.
4. Scientific Way Of Smoking
A length of the smoke in the golden taking place is the best position, that is, when the smoke a cigarette smoke probably only one-third in the other two-thirds do not smoke, so health is the most beneficial. Because cigarette in front of a third of the time, just play the role of the remaining two-thirds of the filter, with the shortened cigarette, harmful substances will continue to increase, with the taste of the smoke flavor will deteriorate, general smokers who breathe this place just to satisfy their cravings. Japan is the world's longest average life expectancy of the country, but also the world's largest per capita consumption of cigarettes country, Cigars-home.com website through eight cities in Japan smokers survey found that the number of ports in Japan are smokers smoked cigarettes on average 5-6. Basically, very few people want a cigarette, smokers smoking a short time is the most common phenomenon in Japan. Smoking is calculated according to the number of words of mouth, the Japanese people should be countries with the lowest consumption of cigarettes.
5. Touch Of Smoke
Taken from cigarette cigarettes out to first touch. Cigarette excellent moisture is too large, the combustion temperature is low, but the tar content and more tobacco cigarettes too soft dry side, draw resistance of small high combustion temperature, flue gas smell bad, the increase of harmful substances. Too loose cigarettes with filters can be placed vertically in a few table Dayton smoke, tobacco is too dry add a little wave of big tobacco moisture place to put a dry spot aired. You need to find a good smoke, on our website with sales of Marlboro cigarettes Newport cigarettes are a good choice.
6. Not Smoked Cigarettes
There macula with grease, moldy tobacco, cigarette paper yellowing on cigarettes, do not smoke three cigarettes, as well as to buy a new cigarette cigarette when opened can not be drawn immediately. And do not give yourself any excuses continuity smoking.


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