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Newport Cigarettes Brand History

Monday, 2 June 2014 22:32:02 America/Los_Angeles

Newport Cigarettes, Lorillard Tobacco Company leading product, has been put on the market in 1957 in Greensboro, North Carolina -based Lorillard Inc. is the fourth largest U.S. cigarette manufacturer. Founded in 1760, Lorillard Tobacco Company introduced the first blended cigarettes, the old gold standard, in 1926, then in 1952, they opened up a new world opened by the Kent market. Kent is the first filter cigarettes on the market. Newport cigarettes are the 2nd cigarette brands in the United States behind Philip Morris 's Marlboro. Newport Cigarettes are a lot of " mint " brand in the market, accounting for only a total of about 25 % of U.S. sales of cigarettes. Newport menthol cigarettes became the most popular category in 1993. Newport cigarettes, in 1983 there is any brand franchise youngest, 53% of sales to people aged 18 to 24, and more than doubled the penetration of the young African-American market, according to Renault file. Newport cigarettes are especially popular in the northeastern United States. The market for menthol cigarettes - a minty taste extract is also used in cold medicines - from the New York Lorillard, Loews units dominate. Newport cigarette brand, accounting for all U.S. cigarette shipments of more than 8%, an increase of 6.5% in 1997. Lorillard Tobacco Company is the nation 's fourth-largest cigarette maker benefited from Newport cigarette brand. Thank you for visiting our website. Our website is dedicated to selling Newport Cigarettes with Marlboro website. We provide quality service, free shipping, cigarettes need or want to know more about these two brands of cigarettes friends can continue to focus on our website.

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